Karen Hulsey Photography

About Me


Karen is a Nashville photographer specializing in commercial advertising and food photography.  Her creative process brings inanimate objects to life and will speak to the viewer. She has spent a large part of her career traveling, learning about local food and different cultures. This background flows directly into her photography.

With 23 years of dedication to the USAF, her military service has provided her with attention to detail, commitment, and an exceptional work ethic.  Always loving photography, she chose to attend Nossi College of Art. She now has the ability to combine her military experience with her passion for photography.  Her education allows her the ability to transform her technical skills and knowledge of lighting into the perfect photo.

Karen has an amazing creative eye to give her products vitality. Her ability to compose a beautiful image using soft light allows her product photography to entice its viewer.  They will want to buy, eat, and smell what they see. Her enthusiasm and eagerness to please her client is always top priority.